It has been a terrific first year podcasting. I have learned a lot about producing a podcast, met a ton of great people, learned about myself, and didn’t go fully broke doing it. I have said it many times, the show would be nothing without the guests! As a way to thank them for giving their time and knowledge, I made awards!

I thought about a ton of different categories and how the awards should look and really probably spent more time on it all than I should have. But with that said, I think I came up with a really good solution to both the awards and how should they look question.

There ended up being 3 categories that will now be an annual contest:

Most Audio Streams
Most Youtube Views


Most Audio Streams:

This award is pretty self-explanatory, which episode got the most overall streams. This was based on the data from where the podcast is hosted. It is the sum of the streams on all available platforms.
Full disclosure: Episode 1 officially had the most views, but it had a year to do so, and was only me talking for a few minutes with no real value. So with that said, and I do not want to give myself an award, any of the monologues of just me are not eligible!

Most Youtube Views:

The title of this one too should give you a pretty good idea of what it is for. It is not the accumulation of all video clips, it is for the most viewed video.


You have probably heard of an MVP, the Most Valuable Player. But for the Colin’s Conversations Podcast Awards, the MVPG is the Most Valuable Podcast Guest. Originally I was going to call it the Editor’s Choice but as soon as I thought of MVPG, I knew which name was better!

The Most Valuable Podcast Guest is a guest that brought the most value to the show. It is a subjective award, but also based off feedback from fans, views / listens, and how they helped the show get better.

Colin’s Conversations Awards 2019 Winners:

Most Youtube Views of 2019: Doug Mothersell

Most Youtube Views


The clip that got the most attention on Youtube in 2019 was Lincoln Electric vs. Miller: What is preferred at Twisted Willow Fabrication. I don’t know where this video got shared that it picked up so many eyeballs but I am thankful for it!

Perhaps it was the thumbnail of the red and blue pill playing off of the old Matrix reference. Perhaps it was just the great info given by Doug! It will be interesting to see if it can catch another wave of attention and win the award again next year!

The trophy for the Youtube Award has a Youtube Red handle and interior and a personalized message printed on the backside! I thought it would be cool to make the award something that was usable. Perhaps a Colin’s Conversations Conversation Starter if used while having coffee with a friend.

Most Audio Streams of 2019: Doug Mothersell

Most Listens Award Cabininthewoods


This award was a terrific story. CabinInTheWoods was the last episode of the season and managed to build enough momentum to win the most streams at the last moment. For the last few weeks of the competition, CabinInTheWoods kept climbing the ladder. With a final push on the last day, his fans got him past Chevy Gang Cas.

It was a great interview and I think that he is one of the people to watch out for in 2020. He has been working to get his business mind to where his music mind is and when he does it will be epic!

Thank you to Cabin and all of his fans for supporting his and other episodes on the show!

Colin’s Conversations MVPG Winner:

Most Valuable Podcast Guest of 2019: Skuff Micksun

MVPG Skuff Micksun


Why Skuff?

Simply put, without meeting Skuff Micksun, many podcast episodes never would have happened. After meeting Skuff, he suggested I talk to the following people:

Not only did he connect me with all of those people for interviews, but every person who has spent time with him praises him. Not just for his musical ability but because of the person that he is.

Everything that he puts out is quality material. His music keeps getting better, his videos are great, it seems like he grows as an artist every day.

Apart from the podcast interviews ( his solo and Dirtybackpack) Skuff had a really big year in releases:



Thank you to all who have been a guest as well as the listeners.

I have a ton of new things coming for 2020!

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