Month: January 2019

Episode 7: Kristin Ward

In this episode I chat with award winning author Kristin Ward. Kristin is the author of After the Green Withered and Burden of Truth, lives in a small town in Connecticut with her husband, three sons, and many furry and feathered friends. Fueled by dark chocolate and coffee, she has been writing poems, prose, and…

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Episode 5: 19 Charities to Consider in 2019

Episode 5 was inspired by my Colin Can Help Article: 19 Charities to Consider in 2019. The episode is just me reading through the 19 charities and giving my additional thoughts that didn’t make it into the article. The Colin Can Help 19 Charities to Help in 2019 Are:   19. Petfix Northeast Ohio – Local…

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Episode 4: Building a Portfolio with $150

I had a mission to build a portfolio with only $150. This was the only edition of the show to follow that journey because I soon realized, trades that make you pennies are not that exciting to read and follow along for! What I did learn though, do not hesitate to start investing if you…

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