Month: March 2019

Episode 20: R.C.Sprague

R.C. Sprague is an American Author, Active Military, and one of the BIGGEST CINCINNATI REDS FANS OF ALL TIME. My interview with R.C. Sprague was one of the hardest to schedule in my podcasting career. The reason it was so difficult was because we did the interview while he was stationed in Japan. Japan is…

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Episode 19: Dj Undoo

I first heard about DJ Undoo when I did an interview with Cleveland rapper, Kent Archie. The two have a song called Shining that is terrific. After I found that song, I looked deeper into the discography of DJ Undoo and loved what I heard. I did the FIRST EVER English interview with Internationally known…

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Episode 18: Alicia Caldwell Henderson

Alicia Caldwell Henderson is an author, educator, mom, and great person to talk to! The recording you hear on the podcast is actually the second take of our interview! The first take was amazing, I learned so much about Alicia Caldwell Henderson and she gave such good advice to writers! Bad news is, the recording…

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Episode 17: Kent Archie

I was first introduced to Kent Archie while at the Grog Shop to see Token perform. For weeks, we were so excited to go see Token. I had been following his career since he was rapping in closets and my fiancee became an instant fan when she heard him. As most concerts go, we waited…

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Episode 16: Mystqx Skye

Born in the spirit of “The Archer”, a life traveller – she loves to write about whatever excites the senses and inspires the soul. Mystqx Skye is a Zurich-based writer and a hobby photographer who authored the book – BARED. In a former life, she was a savvy Marketing Communication Strategist at travel and retail…

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