Month: June 2019

Episode 27: Skuff Micksun

The simplest way to describe Skuff Micksun is a guy who is devoted to creating and expressing himself in any way possible. He is best known for his music, but is also a painter, draws, tattoos, and more. I was introduced to him through my wife when they worked together. One day I was mentioning…

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Episode 26: Christopher Feran

Christopher Feran was one of the most intelligent people I probably ever have talked to. I remember within the first few minutes of sitting down with him in the Ohio City location of Phoenix Coffee looking at him and in my head ” I am not smart enough to be in this conversation”. Christopher has…

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Episode 25: Nuke Franklin

I always love finding new artists, new musicians, new creative people to talk to. I have to thank Skuff Micksun for introducing me to Nuke Franklin’s music.The other day I had the pleasure of sitting down for a conversation with Cleveland Hip Hop Artist, Nuke Franklin. We met at his house in East Cleveland and…

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