Month: July 2019

Episode 31: Kat Killinger

Kat Killinger reached out to me on Instagram not long ago with interest on being the star of an episode. This was right around the time I was trying to decide on what camera to buy to help me create better content for myself and clients. I was super excited to have someone who actually…

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Episode 30: Ove Menduza

I had the pleasure of meeting Akron’s best tattoo artist, Ove Menduza in early July. I took the drive from Willoughby to Akron one rainy afternoon to learn more about the guy who I’d been following his impressive Instagram page. Social Media Loves Him He has a following of 25,000 followers and I was curious…

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Episode 29: Josh Dobay

I had the opportunity to meet and interview Josh Dobay of Josh Dobay Productions. Josh appeared on my radar after my interview with Skuff Micksun. He worked on a video set with Skuff as well as they worked together on a spoken word video. What does he do? Josh specializes in photography, videography, and content…

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Episode 28: Jillian Jones

Jillian Jones is the owner and founder of Supportive Divorce Solutions. Luckily I did not find her because I needed a divorce! I learned about Jillian through Jeremiah Craig and he recommended I have her on the show. You can tell both through her resume and by talking with her that she is one smart…

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