What is colin's conversations?

Colin's Conversations is an interview based podcast that tells the stories of entrepreneurs, entertainers, and educators who make a living (or try to) by following their passions. The show is hosted, filmed, edited and marketed by Colin Ross.

is it audio or visual?

Both! Almost every episode has a long form audio and visual component. You can find audio, video, and some text based episodes as well as tons of information about every guest on this website.

how do i watch/listen?

This website has video and audio players you can use to watch/listen. The show also has a page on most social media sites where I post clips as well as every major podcast platform. If it isn't available where you watch stuff, let me know and I will get it there!

The Goal of Colin's Conversations:

Every episode and clip that comes from an interview is meant inspire, educate, and entertain the person who watches or listens to it. Each piece of content is also meant to promote the people interviewed as well as connect creators who are looking to make a living doing the things they love to do. By listening to others and talking about individual areas of expertise we can all learn from each other and get to where we are trying to go the most efficient way.

Featured Guests:

Learn something new.

Interesting conversations with local leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, musicians, and more. I learn something new each episode. Great to hear from people doing big things and learn from them!


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Lincoln Electric vs. Miller...

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Tattoo Ink Expires

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Episode 49: Ashley Greathouse


There will be a Colin’s Conversations App released in 2020 Q4. There will be exclusive content, its own social network, app only offers, and more. It will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Marketplace, possibly through this site as well.