Alicia Caldwell Henderson is an author, educator, mom, and great person to talk to!

The recording you hear on the podcast is actually the second take of our interview! The first take was amazing, I learned so much about Alicia Caldwell Henderson and she gave such good advice to writers!

Bad news is, the recording failed in so many ways! Alicia was nice enough to give it a shot the next day and luckily the conversation was just about as good as the first!

Who is Alicia Caldwell Henderson?

She grew up in a small town, London, Kentucky and lived there until she was 15. At that time she moved to Florida and loved the differences in culture. She was no longer the only person of color in her classes, people had similar interests as she did, and she adapted right away to a Floridian.

Alicia credits her mother for involving her and her siblings to reading at an early age. Alicia has fond memories of her mother introducing her to the Boxcar Series and Nancy Drew and after reading those, she decided she wanted to write mystery books. She even picked up the pen name, Michelle Auburn but didn’t stick with that pen name.

As she grew up her love of writing continued and her skills developed. During our talk she mentioned that if a class involved writing, she was going to get an A. In high school she was the newspaper editor and continued onto college working towards being a journalist.

When in college she learned that in order to be hired, she had to manipulate stories to sell copies, she knew she couldn’t continue that career path.

She shifted careers and went into education. She started working at the Paxon Group and taught life and employability skills to adults in need. After a few years she was promoted to site manager of similar work but for kids. She loved working with kids and teaching them skills. Seeing how they learned and knowing she could help their journey sparked her love for education.During the recession, she lost her job and went back to school and got her Masters Degree in Education.

When she was still teaching the adults she was also writing her first novel, “Young, Dumb, and Naive”. What I find most impressive is that she was able to write the book, publish, and market it all herself!

During the interview Alicia Caldwell Henderson told me how she creates characters, her writing process, and gives a great explanation about the storyline. I highly recommend checking out the full interview!

If you would like to check out the book, it is available on Amazon.


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