Alina Khuzhina is the owner of Vegan Cleaning Service in Cleveland, Ohio. Originally born in Russia, Alina immigrated to the USA a few years ago in search of a better life. Originally moving to Boston, after getting some money saved up she moved to Cleveland where she began her “new life”.

Using experience she gained from jobs cleaning hotels, she began her own business, Vegan Cleaning Service. A long time vegetarian turned vegan, Alina took her commitment to her body, environment, and animals one step further by starting a vegan cleaning company.

Her company is not like many cleaning companies that offer a “green way” as well as a chemical option. Vegan Cleaning Service only offers 100% vegan certified cleaning products during their services.

You will never find Alina or her staff with anything that is not 100% vegan, never tested on animals, good for the environment and those who use it, and also cruelty-free.

How is that possible?

Alina told me that you can clean just about anything with diluted vinegar. Not only is it cheaper and safer than “traditional cleaners” but it is very effective at killing germs and making surfaces feel clean again.

She told me during our talk that if you fill a spray bottle with half water, half white vinegar, and 10-15 drops of your choice of Essential Oil that you are ready to clean just about all of your home.

I too have used vinegar solutions for cleaning and weed killers in the past with satisfaction in their results.

Would I recommend Alina?

Absolutely! Alina is a new business owner but understands how to do business. She understands that it isn’t just about cleaning a house, it is about building a relationship with her clients and making them feel safe and secure.

She also knows how to be a great podcast guest. She arrived on time during a snowstorm and showed up with not only adorable dog toys for my dogs but a Coconut Milk Latte from Starbucks for me!

She paid attention when I mentioned that there would be two dogs that greeted her upon arrival and my mention of Starbucks in one of our conversations. Those two actions just show that she is very attentive to detail and wants to make those around her feel welcome.

Alina is also very knowledgable about everything vegan. With that said, she is not one of those crazy vegan ladies ( or she has me fooled). She is just very passionate about living a lifestyle that harms as few life forms as possible while enjoying herself and doing what she loves.

She had nothing but good things to say about all of her customers and employees. She was probably one of the happiest people I’ve talked with and I look forward to having her on the show again!


Behind the interview:

I included all of the instrumentals from Duby Music by Duby Rodgers among other music for background in this episode. I recently recorded an interview with Duby, who is a Cleveland based rapper/entertainer who I think is very talented and is working to sell his music in a way I try daily to get other musicians behind.

But the main reason I wanted to introduce people listening to this interview to Duby is he is one of the only Vegan Rappers I know. If the Cleveland Vegan community hasn’t heard of both of these talented people, Duby and Alina, I will be working on changing that!


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