Antoine Dunn is a Billboard Top 15 Singer-Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, music executive, and many more titles. More simply put, he is an entrepreneurial-minded creative who specializes in music production and marketing. All great reasons why he fits well on this show!

I’ve known Antoine since we were teenagers but this interview was the first time we ever professionally worked together. He has always been talented, charismatic, and confident that he could achieve whatever he wanted. When I saw that he had a new album coming out and an upcoming show in Cleveland, I thought it was the perfect time to reach out and see if we could align our schedules to record an interview.

Luckily for me, I was able to get an hour with him just days before the release of Everything. He arrived right on time, dressed head to toe in very professional attire, all Harvey Marie Recordsembossed with Harvey Marie. Antoine referred to Harvey Marie as his “legacy piece”. It is a record company that he didn’t necessarily set out to begin. The name comes from late family members and is something that he spoke about with great pride. The label currently has two artists; Antoine Dunn and Ashley Chante, but looks to expand their talent roster.

As I was setting up the cameras and getting everything in frame, I got to preview a bit of the new music. I already knew before he hit play that it would be good. It was actually so good that I didn’t realize I screwed up a camera setting and the main camera went off as soon as I came to sit down.

For that reason, the first two minutes of the interview are not the greatest sound, but it gets better, I promise!

The interview went really well ( other than the tech glitch). Antoine gave a ton of great insight and perspective to anyone aspiring to have a career in music or just entrepreneurial spirited people.

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I encourage you to watch or listen to the links that are above to learn all about Antoine and his new project. If you want to save that for later and just get right into listening to his music, those links will be below!