Ashley Greathouse

Ashley Greathouse

Ashley Greathouse is a horror author who specializes in short stories. You may recognize the name from Colin Can Help posts as she is the number one fan of Colin Can Help content and I try to share her stuff often.

This is actually my second attempt at getting Ashley on the podcast. We had an episode about a year ago partially filmed but a power outage ruined the interview while making our night…

My stepdaughter Lily knew about Ashley and knew that she wrote about her encounters with ghosts and the paranormal. Shortly after we started recording a video conference, the power went out at my house and it ended the internet connection of my call with Ashley.

As soon as the power went out, Lily came into the main room and asked what happened. We explained how the power went out and when she understood that we just had to wait for the power to come back on for lights and computers to work, I started having fun.

I grabbed the remote (that Lily didn’t know about) that controlled the puck lights in the next room. I turned on a few lights and made a joke that Ashley must have sent her ghosts to us. That statement got Lily’s attention. For the next 10-15 minutes my wife and I convinced Lily that there were ghosts in the house sent from Ashley, it was a great time. I was never so sad for power to return in my life.

Since then I have consulted Ashley on her author career, she has been a guest author on Colin Can Help website, and she has become one of my favorite internet people.

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But back to my current interview with Ashley. Ashley is always a blast to talk to. She is smart, funny, and very easy to get along with. During our talk, we covered everything from Indiana tourism, self-publishing, all about her life, and more.

Consider checking out her books: