BdotJeff Musician Who is BdotJeff? Columbus, Ohio’s BdotJeff is one of the more eclectic yet consistent acts we have in the genre of hip-hop let alone, music. Whether it’s production or rhyming over it, BdotJeff’s approach is so varied and experimental, our hero might be from another universe. What makes BdotJeff stand out amongst a…

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The Day I Became an Author

When times got tough, Ashley Greathouse found her passion for writing and the rest was history! You May Also Like: How I Became Bdot Jeff September 1, 2020 Colin Discography Discussions, Entertainers, Highlights, Musician 0 Comments Read More Will Cherry August 28, 2020 Colin Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Musician 0 Comments Read More Episode 23: Glacia Cronk…

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Nuke Franklin

Nuke Franklin Musician             Who is Nuke Franklin? Nuke Franklin is a young entertainer from Cleveland, Ohio that should be on your daily playlists.

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Skuff Micksun Artist / Musician             Who is Skuff micksun? Skuff Micksun is best known for his music but is an artist in many mediums. He specializes in song writing, recording, painting, just to name a few things. Skuff Micksun has a true original sound that appeals to all demographics.

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Kristin Ward

Kristin Ward Award Winning Author       Our story Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec venenatis velit metus. Morbi non augue non sapien ullamcorper volutpat id a libero. Curabitur maximus vel est ac suscipit. Pellentesque imperdiet ultricies interdum. Nunc elementum porta tempus. In gravida nisi at dui eleifend lobortis. Vestibulum lobortis,…

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