Autumn is a talented singer with an incredible support system behind her. She reached out to me with interest of being on the podcast and within an hour or so of posting her video to be on the show, there were 40 comments telling me why Autumn should be on the show!

 Through the interview I learned that Autumn, aka @falls_singer aka Frisk Under; is a big Disney and Broadway fan with the singing skills to allow her to do really accurate covers of the historic songs she loves.

It was the first time that I needed to get a parental consent form signed in order to have someone be on the show, but even though she was the youngest people to be on the show, Autumn was extremely professional and focused.

I really wished we could have gotten her to do a live a capella song, but she was under the weather at the time we recorded the episode and I didn’t want to push it. Reason being, there are over 7,000 videos of her on Smule, a social karaoke app, showing off her skills.

During the interview I gave her a little bit of branding advice for her to maximize her talents which I am sure bored the hell out of her, but I hope helped.

It will be interesting to check back in on Autumn in a few years to see how she has utilized her singing and acting skills. I would love to know what you thought about the interview and encourage you to all check out ther Smule account and see what she is doing there!


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