Episode 5 was inspired by my Colin Can Help Article: 19 Charities to Consider in 2019.

The episode is just me reading through the 19 charities and giving my additional thoughts that didn’t make it into the article.

The Colin Can Help 19 Charities to Help in 2019 Are:


19. Petfix Northeast Ohio – Local Pet Services

Donation Information

18. Monkey Helpers- Service Animals

Help out Monkey Helpers

17. Project Linus – Children’s Charity 


16. Patriot Paws – Animal and Human Wellness


15. Child’s Play Charity – Children’s Causes
14. Build A Nest – Lifestyle & Wellness 


13. Cary Creative Center – Repurposing

12. Modest Needs – Community Assistance  
11.Humble Bundle – Tech 
10. 501st Legion – Community
9.  Kiva- Crowd Funding


8. Vision Spring – Helping Poor People See


7. Acadia Center – Community Building
6.  Planned Parenthood – Health and Family Services


5. Give Back Yoga 

Give to Give Back Yoga

4. Nature Conservancy 


3. Better Basics- Education

Donate Today

2. Puppies Behind Bars – Animal Training & People Rehabilitation

Donate Today


1. Norml– Legal Reform



To learn more about the charities and my thoughts listen to the podcast and check out the original article that I linked to above!


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