Cabininthewoods is a local rapper, producer, musical engineer, actor, and more. I met Cabininthewoods through our mutual friend and show alumni, Skuff Micksun. Skuff only surrounds himself with good hearted creatives, so it was no wonder that Cabininthewoods fits that description.

Cabin is a Cleveland native but spent some time in Hawaii as a preteen. It was there he got into graffiti, skateboarding, and gained further appreciation for hip hop and breakdancing.

Cabininthewoods is a bit of a nomad. He has only lived in Cleveland and Hawaii but has lived all over both sides of Cleveland. During the interview he mentioned that he never hadCabinInTheWoods with Parker from the Park any “real friends” until he was an adult despite being a “likeable” guy.

One thing that became extremely evident in the interview was his passion for music creation. Whenever he would talk about making music, his body language and cadence changed very quickly.

He is mostly self taught and is slightly embarrassed by it ( that was the feeling I got, not what he said). I on the other hand am always more impressed by the self taught.

To me, that means that you care so much about it that you want to learn all that you can on your own time. In today’s world there are enough online resources that make a traditional education not as mandatory.

We talked for about 2 hours, almost all of it making its way into the full episode of the podcast! Some of the talk doesn’t work the best for the audio version of the interview. We spent a lot of time talking marketing strategy because I thought it would be helpful for him.

Cabininthewoods is currently one of the hardest to find artists I’ve researched. No matter the platform, no matter the spelling, you will find literally, Cabin’s in the woods!
I totally understand the creative play that he and his twin, Houseindahillz are going for with their group, The Estates. But, all of those words are search terms that are dominated by people that are not them! When you find his music, it is great. It just is very rough to find on most platforms.

It was an enjoyable talk, but I knew that it would be going into the talk. I do hope to do a follow up with Cabininthewoods next year and see if he put any of the advice I gave him to work.

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