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Entertainers are what make life worth living. They make the music, movies, plays, books, and all the other content we love to consume. I interview as many types of entertainers as possible to learn their processes, more about their art, and them as an individual.

Jamil & the Show

Jamil & the Show

Who is Jamil & the Show? Most simply put, Jamil a & the Show is a musician. Furthermore, a Cleveland based musician specializing in singing, rapping, and digital music production....
Alicia Caldwell Henderson

Episode 18: Alicia Caldwell Henderson

Alicia Caldwell Henderson is an author, educator, mom, and great person to talk to! The recording you hear on the podcast is actually the second take of our interview! The...

Episode 42: Curly Chuck

I had the chance to sit town with Cleveland Rapper, Curly Chuck recently. He had been on my list of people I wanted to interview since shortly after I...
Benjamin Davis

Episode 14: Benjamin Davis

Who is Benjamin Davis? Benjamin Davis is an American writer/author, who has lived all over the world and currently residing and working in St. Petersburg, Russia for the last few...

Autumn: @falls_singer

Autumn is a talented singer with an incredible support system behind her. She reached out to me with interest of being on the podcast and within an hour or...
Skuff Micksun

Episode 27: Skuff Micksun

The simplest way to describe Skuff Micksun is a guy who is devoted to creating and expressing himself in any way possible. He is best known for his music,...
Kristin Ward

Episode 7: Kristin Ward

In this episode I chat with award winning author Kristin Ward. Kristin is the author of After the Green Withered and Burden of Truth, lives in a small town...
Jeremiah Craig

Episode 10: Jeremiah Craig

Jeremiah Craig is one of the driving forces that got me to start podcasting. This was one of the few episodes that I did by phone recording and other...

Episode 40: J. Gaines of The Lavish Journey Podcast

Episode 40: J.Gaines host of The Lavish Journey Podcast I met J.Gaines a while back when he asked me to be on his Lavish Journey podcast. It was my first...
Antoine Dunn

Episode 50: Antoine Dunn

Antoine Dunn is a Billboard Top 15 Singer-Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, music executive, and many more titles. More simply put, he is an entrepreneurial-minded creative who specializes in music...

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