The Day I Became an Author

When times got tough, Ashley Greathouse found her passion for writing and the rest was history! You May Also Like: How I Became Bdot Jeff September 1, 2020 Colin Discography Discussions, Entertainers, Highlights, Musician 0 Comments Read More Will Cherry August 28, 2020 Colin Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Musician 0 Comments Read More Episode 23: Glacia Cronk…

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Far Away X – Broken

Lyrics: If someone tried to rob me right now at gun point I’d tell em pull the trigger I only got 6 bucks, no cash So if you bout it you better kill la kill like studio trigger Then I wake up Or head to sleep with that one final thought You’re worthless, and will never amount to anything…

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How I Became Bdot Jeff

Clip from Episode 61: Bdot Jeff Want to listen to the full episode this clip came from? Apple Podcasts Breaker Google Podcasts

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Will Cherry

Name: Will Cherry Hometown: Elyria, Ohio Area of Expertise: Music Company or Personal Brand info: Artist and producer, founder of an independent record label. Origin Story: Around 12 years old, I started making music and writing screenplays. Over the years, I’ve worked on a lot of music and gained relationships producing for others, and focused…

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Recap- Episode 61: BdotJeff

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