Entertainers are what make life worth living. They make the music, movies, plays, books, and all the other content we love to consume. I interview as many types of entertainers as possible to learn their processes, more about their art, and them as an individual.


Episode 34: DirtyBackPack

If you love Skuff Micksun, you are already halfway there to loving DirtyBackPack. Also, if you liked the interviews with Mic Miles or Nuke Franklin, they have songs with...
Elie Magic

Episode 32: Elie Magic

Elie Magic: International Magician I first found Elie Magic on Instagram. He was doing card tricks that were AMAZING! At the time I might of had 1,000 followers and he...
Adi Rei

Episode 33: Adi Rei

Adi Rei is Latin for "Sound God". Cleveland rapper, songwriter, musical engineer, and producer Adi Rei lives up to the name. I met Adi through our mutual...
Kat Killinger

Episode 31: Kat Killinger

Kat Killinger reached out to me on Instagram not long ago with interest on being the star of an episode. This was right around the time I was trying...
Skuff Micksun

Episode 27: Skuff Micksun

The simplest way to describe Skuff Micksun is a guy who is devoted to creating and expressing himself in any way possible. He is best known for his music,...

Episode 25: Nuke Franklin

I always love finding new artists, new musicians, new creative people to talk to. I have to thank Skuff Micksun for introducing me to Nuke Franklin's music.The other day...

Episode 23: Glacia Cronk

This was the first episode of the rebranding of the show from Colin Can Help to Colin's Conversations. The star of Episode 23 is Glacia Cronk, a former equestrian...
Roxanne San Jose

Episode 21: Roxanne San Jose

Roxanne San Jose is the author of Time Travel. Originally born in the Philippines and moved to Las Vegas as a teenager. She has a degree in Political Science...
R.C. Sprague

Episode 20: R.C.Sprague

R.C. Sprague is an American Author, Active Military, and one of the BIGGEST CINCINNATI REDS FANS OF ALL TIME. My interview with R.C. Sprague was one of the hardest to...

Episode 19: Dj Undoo

I first heard about DJ Undoo when I did an interview with Cleveland rapper, Kent Archie. The two have a song called Shining that is terrific. After I found...

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