Entertainers are what make life worth living. They make the music, movies, plays, books, and all the other content we love to consume. I interview as many types of entertainers as possible to learn their processes, more about their art, and them as an individual.

Episode 49: Ashley Greathouse

Ashley Greathouse is a horror author who specializes in short stories. You may recognize the name from Colin Can Help posts as she is the number one fan of Colin Can Help content and I try to share her stuff often. This is actually my second attempt at getting Ashley on the podcast. We had…

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Episode 48: Author J.L. Raynor

J.L. Raynor first appeared on my radar when he responded to an Instagram ad that I placed looking for guests for the show. When I first looked at his podcast application, the title of his book stood out, but it didn’t appear like he had much of a following online. He may not have tons…

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Jamil & the Show

Who is Jamil & the Show? Most simply put, Jamil a & the Show is a musician. Furthermore, a Cleveland based musician specializing in singing, rapping, and digital music production. Originally from Willoughby, OH the North East Ohio native transitioned from making “cringeworthy” poetry to cope with his adolescent feelings to self-producing phenomenal original songs….

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Autumn: @falls_singer

Autumn is a talented singer with an incredible support system behind her. She reached out to me with interest of being on the podcast and within an hour or so of posting her video to be on the show, there were 40 comments telling me why Autumn should be on the show! View this post…

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Episode 45: J-Work

SEASON TWO IS HERE! OUR FIRST GUEST IS A CLEVELAND CREATIVE: J-WORK J-Work first appeared on my radar while walking through the park with my dogs one day as I was researching for my Mic Miles interview. It was their song “Set It Off” that made me into a fan. The beat was amazing, I…

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