Without people taking the risks of being entrepreneurs, we would not have any of the great luxuries we have today! I talk with small business owners and those who are trying to turn their passions into a business to see what makes them want to take that risk.

Episode 56: Roxanne Deedrick

I was very surprised when I posted the clip of Roxanne on my Instagram page to get her on the show when the comments just trickled in. I thought for sure that people would see a pretty lady talking about cool things and be interested right away! Luckily, after a little time and promotion, we…

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Episode 55: Skeleton Stewdios

We are living through a time like never before. A time where the government doesn’t want you to go make money and pay taxes, but they want you to stay home and medical professionals urge you to “Binge Watch Netflix”. Incase Netflix isn’t your thing and you are more into Youtube, I want to introduce…

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Episode 54: Alina Khuzhina of Vegan Cleaning Service

Alina Khuzhina is the owner of Vegan Cleaning Service in Cleveland, Ohio. Originally born in Russia, Alina immigrated to the USA a few years ago in search of a better life. Originally moving to Boston, after getting some money saved up she moved to Cleveland where she began her “new life”. Using experience she gained…

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Episode 53: Spitta Beats

I sit down with local entertainer and CEO of LIV ENT, Spitta Beats. We uncover a lot about his life, his music process, and ALL about his latest project, Thinking Out Loud. From an early age he knew he liked music and wanted to make it. Shortly after he began recording he knew it was…

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Episode 52: Shantelle Canzanese

Who is Shantelle Canzanese? Shantelle Canzanese is a Toronto native who grew up to live out her dreams of being an entertainer. She has been in movies, TV, traveled the world, started a successful company, and now has even been on Colin’s Conversations Podcast! I had the chance to have a terrific conversation with her…

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