Without people taking the risks of being entrepreneurs, we would not have any of the great luxuries we have today! I talk with small business owners and those who are trying to turn their passions into a business to see what makes them want to take that risk.

Episode 50: Antoine Dunn

Antoine Dunn is a Billboard Top 15 Singer-Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, music executive, and many more titles. More simply put, he is an entrepreneurial-minded creative who specializes in music production and marketing. All great reasons why he fits well on this show! I’ve known Antoine since we were teenagers but this interview was the first…

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Sunday Service

Believe it or not, legend has it that Jamil came up with Sunday Service before Kanye West.   [td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Jamil & the Show Interviews” playlist_yt=”Irz6g57oyfA,7psuj_xQacs” playlist_auto_play=”2″]   Read “Sunday Service” by Jamil & the Show on Genius

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Now I Know by Jamil & the Show ft BdotJeff

The song, Now I Know features a bit of Jamil’s comedic side. The song falls around two guys talking about a tale of a date.   [td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Jamil & the Show Interviews” playlist_yt=”cNOqJNKuiN0, Irz6g57oyfA” playlist_auto_play=”1″] Read “Now I Know” by Jamil & the Show on Genius

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Episode 40: J. Gaines of The Lavish Journey Podcast

Episode 40: J.Gaines host of The Lavish Journey Podcast I met J.Gaines a while back when he asked me to be on his Lavish Journey podcast. It was my first time being a guest on a podcast and I did it on the conditions I could also record during the taping of the show and…

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Episode 39: Marie Kirksey

Marie Kirksey is an agent with New York Life Insurance. We connected via Linkedin and were able to get together at her office to record a podcast episode. Her office is very impressive. They have a floor in a giant corporate building with a beautiful conference room that we used for the interview. Marie started…

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