Without people taking the risks of being entrepreneurs, we would not have any of the great luxuries we have today! I talk with small business owners and those who are trying to turn their passions into a business to see what makes them want to take that risk.

Episode 38: Doug Mothersell

In the early Spring, my wife and I took a drive to Upstate New York to meet with Doug Mothersell, owner of Twisted Willow Fabrication. Doug is a metal fabricator, utility worker, husky breeder, and those are just some of his titles! He is also father to another podcast alumni, Jeremiah Craig. The best part…

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Episode 37: Meagan Carner

My interview with Meagan Carner, CEO of CRAM was a blast! It originated from a conversation with her mother a few weeks prior. Her mom is one of my favorite clients. She is always appreciative of my work, takes interest in everything that I say, and is always positive and supportive. During our conversation I…

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Episode 35: Pour Cleveland

After meeting Kent Archie at Pour Cleveland for Episode 17 I knew I wanted to talk with the people who started the store. It was a very well decorated place in the middle of town where I had the best coffee ever. I preface that statement, with I don’t really like coffee. But what Charlie…

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Episode 32: Elie Magic

Elie Magic: International Magician I first found Elie Magic on Instagram. He was doing card tricks that were AMAZING! At the time I might of had 1,000 followers and he had 200k, but I decided to reach out anyways. He was currently overseas on a magic tour but was excited to get together when he…

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Episode 33: Adi Rei

Adi Rei is Latin for “Sound God”. Cleveland rapper, songwriter, musical engineer, and producer Adi Rei lives up to the name. I met Adi through our mutual friend, Skuff Micksun. I had the chance to sit down with him in his Maple Heights Studio, NVASION Studios. Early days of Adi Rei Music has always been…

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