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DJ Undoo


DJ Undoo

DJ Undoo is a Romanian DJ and producer with a reputation for pushing conventional boundaries. He wrote hip hop history across a career spanning over 17 years, which includes several albums, numerous collaborations and an extensive series of live events.

What You Should Know:


DJ Undoo has developed international acclaim throughout his career. He not only performs, he also teaches others to DJ too!


DJ Undoo has produced multiple albums for himself and produced for musicians al overr the world.


After you check out his music, be sure to also listen to his podcast, The Street Smarts Show.

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Mellowman Funk

mellowman funk

Artist / Entrepreneur

Mellowman Funk

Who is mellowman funk?


Mellowman Funk is an entrepreneur to thee core. He has had many business ventures with his most notable being Shway Papers.


Mellowman Funk has been known by a few other artist names, but the music flows all the same. I'd describe his style as Modern East Coast Hip-Hop.

Weed Enthusiast

Knowing he loved marijuana and he was a natural entrepreneur, Mellowman Funk began Shway Papers. Shway is a hemp rolling paper with custom designs from Melllowman.

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Curly Chuck

Curly Chuck


Who is Curly chuck?


Curly Chuck is one of my favorite rappers and one I think that has the talent to succeed at a national and international level.

Social Media personality

Curly Chuck gets a lot of love on social media. He posts videos, freestyles, and life content that allows his fans to see his talents as well as his personality.

Psychedelic Enthusiast

He makes many references to psychedelics in his music and will openly talk about his experiences in an interview.


Curly Chuck is a rap dad. He features his kids in his social media posts as well as made mentions to them in his music.

Where to find curly chuck online:

Colin's Conversations Appearances:

Ove Menduza


Ove Menduza

Ove Menduza is an Internationally known tattoo artist based out of Akron, Ohio. He specializes in cover-ups but can draw just about anything you could desire.

Johnetta Cuff

Johnetta Cuff

Full Interview

Video Clips

Sometimes you just want to “read the headlines” or get the abbreviated version. This section is for you! This is where I cut out the soundbites and great pieces from episodes!

Who is johnetta cuff?

Johnetta is an entrepreneur looking to make a difference. She offers an array of holistic wellness services as well as personal development coaching.

Yoga instructor

She recently got her 200 hour yoga instructor certification. Johnetta finds yoga to be both a physical and mental wellness exercise.

Meditation Master

During our conversation I was able to ask her for tips on how to become better at meditating. Her insight on techniques and routines was very easy to digest and hopefully implement.

New Yorker

It is always a pleasure to talk with someone from New York. There are certain words that they say that are a dead giveaway of where they are from. In my conversation, we learn that Johnetta Cuff is from Queens.


I was so happy to share my favorite author marketing strategy during our conversation. Johnetta is an author currently working on a book and we chatted a bit about the struggles of writing a book and monetizing your writing.

My Take Away from the Conversation

I had a great time talking with Johnetta. Sometimes when you do a Zoom interview it is hard to build a rapport with the guest but she was very easy to talk to and her enthusiasm for being interviewed about the things she loved showed.

I thought some of her medium and paranormal abilities seemed a bit out there, I can’t discredit her experiences and memories. I loved all of her points on that to be mentally healthy you have to move around, take in new experiences, breathe, and be mindfully in the moment. I think those are words more people should live by!

Finally, I was really glad to give a lot more value to her after we stopped recording for the segment. We talked for almost a half an hour unrecorded and I wish I kept the tapes going! I hope she is able to put to use some of the marketing tips I gave her and hope to have her on the show again in the future!

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