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Ove Menduza


Ove Menduza

Ove Menduza is an Internationally known tattoo artist based out of Akron, Ohio. He specializes in cover-ups but can draw just about anything you could desire.

Johnetta Cuff

Johnetta Cuff

Full Interview

Video Clips

Sometimes you just want to “read the headlines” or get the abbreviated version. This section is for you! This is where I cut out the soundbites and great pieces from episodes!

Who is johnetta cuff?

Johnetta is an entrepreneur looking to make a difference. She offers an array of holistic wellness services as well as personal development coaching.

Yoga instructor

She recently got her 200 hour yoga instructor certification. Johnetta finds yoga to be both a physical and mental wellness exercise.

Meditation Master

During our conversation I was able to ask her for tips on how to become better at meditating. Her insight on techniques and routines was very easy to digest and hopefully implement. 

New Yorker

It is always a pleasure to talk with someone from New York. There are certain words that they say that are a dead giveaway of where they are from. In my conversation, we learn that Johnetta Cuff is from Queens.


I was so happy to share my favorite author marketing strategy during our conversation. Johnetta is an author currently working on a book and we chatted a bit about the struggles of writing a book and monetizing your writing.

My Take Away from the Conversation

I had a great time talking with Johnetta. Sometimes when you do a Zoom interview it is hard to build a rapport with the guest but she was very easy to talk to and her enthusiasm for being interviewed about the things she loved showed.

I thought some of her medium and paranormal abilities seemed a bit out there, I can’t discredit her experiences and memories. I loved all of her points on that to be mentally healthy you have to move around, take in new experiences, breathe, and be mindfully in the moment. I think those are words more people should live by!

Finally, I was really glad to give a lot more value to her after we stopped recording for the segment. We talked for almost a half an hour unrecorded and I wish I kept the tapes going! I hope she is able to put to use some of the marketing tips I gave her and hope to have her on the show again in the future!

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Antoine Dunn

antoine dunn

Musician / Entrepreneur

Who is antoine dunn?

cleveland native

Antoine Dunn was born and raised on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio.


Antoine has been singing the majority of his life. Before he was a well known R&B singer he performed at talent shows and sang in church.


Like all great songwriters, Antoine Dunn has the ability to capture the emotional and relatable things in life and craft them into memorable lyrics.

record company owner

In recent years, Antoine has taken the step from recording artist to record label owner. Harvey Marie records as he says is his legacy piece.

World traveler

Antoine's musical talents have allowed him to tour and travel all over the world, even living in Thailand for a few months in his early 20's.

bike enthusiast

When the going gets tough, Antoine gets going on his bike. He told me that biking allows him to clear his mind and gain clarity.

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Alina Khuzhina

alina khuzhina


Alina Khuzhina

Who is alina khuzhina?


Alina left her homeland of Russia to pursue her dreams of creating a prosperous life for herself.

vegan cleaning

Not only does she follow a vegan diet, but she also specializes in vegan cleaning services


Once a vegetarian, Alina in recent years completely gave up animal products completely.

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