Charities to Consider

Episode 5: 19 Charities to Consider in 2019

Episode 5 was inspired by my Colin Can Help Article: 19 Charities to Consider in 2019. The episode is just me reading through the 19 charities and giving my additional...

Episode 4: Building a Portfolio with $150

I had a mission to build a portfolio with only $150. This was the only edition of the show to follow that journey because I soon realized, trades that...
Create time for engagement

Episode 3: Create More Time for Engagement

People think there is a quick fix to social media success. Unfortunately, you need to spent a lot of time engaging with fans to build a following. Engagement is...
Internet needs help

Episode 2: The Internet Needs Help

The Internet Needs Help!! In Episode 2, I go over some of the most Googled questions about the internet and give my take and advice. Did you know the number one...

Episode 1: How Can I Help

How Can I Help? Welcome to Episode 1 of the Colin Can Help Podcast! This episode is short and not much to it. I was testing out the podcast software and...

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