Next Up II

YK World by Jamil & the Show

  Here I lay my head Lord please save my soul I feel out my mind This is not my home I can't close my eyes ‘Cause I might wake in the same place With same weight, in the same...
All the Way


    Read “Complicated” by Jamil & the Show on Genius
YK World

All Away / All the Way

The song All Away / All the Way has a very familiar sound, even if you have never heard of it. Jamil said that it was his way to...

Next Up II by Jamil & the Show

This track has a real rugged but yet polished feel to it. It features Jay Lyrics.   Read “Next Up II” by Jamil & the Show on Genius  

Text Me Back by Jamil and the Show

Text Me Back is a song that every teenager can relate to. A song of rejection, hope, and insecurity. The horns, in the beginning, got my attention, I love...
Beautiful - Jamil & the Show

Shooting Stars by Jamil & the Show ft. Jerico

Shooting Stars sounds like Jamil was channeling his inner Kid Cudi. It is a Pop hit, just waiting to be discovered by the masses. The tempo, repetitive words, and...

Testify by Jamil & the Show featuring Jada Simone

Testify is not my favorite song by Jamil, but that doesn't mean that it is not a good song. I think that he could probably make a decent bit...
Text Me Back

Crying Shame by Jamil & the Show

This song begins with what sounds to almost be a voicemail that says, "Well you know we are more than just friends, we are like a small gang. We...

Beautiful by Jamil & the Show

Song: Beautiful Artist: Jamil & the Show Project: Beautiful I love the song Beautiful by Jamil & the Show. It is a great opening song to a project, has an upbeat, joyous...

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