Cleveland Top 100 Playlist

This playlist is what I consider to be the Top 100 songs to come out of Cleveland. I am always working on updating this list, if there is someone I left out, let me know. These are not in any specific order. Partially based on all-time success but also some songs are placed according to…

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Psychic Vampire by Skuff Micksun & TyC

Psychic Vampire is another amazing release from the minds of Skuff Micksun and TyC. The song is short, 2:13 but they waste no time getting right into it! The first seconds of the song you hear Skuff’s unique voice say ” you’re truly draining” and the rest is just greatness. The song didn’t start there…

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Whitney by Jamil & the Show

Whitney is Jamil’s favorite song to sing and probably one of my favorites from the project. I was very surprised to learn during my time talking with him that the song is a love song, but also heavily about Pokemon.  I was also happily surprised during the first verse when Jamil just starts singing out…

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YK World by Jamil & the Show

  [Verse 1: Jamil & the Show] Here I lay my head Lord please save my soul I feel out my mind This is not my home I can’t close my eyes ‘Cause I might wake in the same place With same weight, in the same state With the same- Wait… I don’t put a penny in a picture…

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    Read “Complicated” by Jamil & the Show on Genius [td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Jamil & the Show Interviews” playlist_yt=”00_5rZ2EpmI, Irz6g57oyfA” playlist_auto_play=”1″]

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