The Colored Radio interview was meant to be. A while back I put up an Instagram post asking for people to recommend other local podcasts. It was just after I did my guest appearance on The Lavish Journey Podcast. I loved being able to see the behind the camera view of how another podcaster produced their show. That feeling is what inspired me to find other local podcasters to network with.

The first response was from J. Gaines, host of The Lavish Journey Podcast:


So I went to my podcasting app, started checking out their show as I do whenever anyone recommends content to check out. They had over 100 episodes done and I noticed a few familiar names when going through their episodes searching for my first listen.

I picked the episode they did with Cleveland rapper, Kent Archie. He was a favorite guest on my show, so I thought I would check him out in a different environment. As I am writing this I kind of feel like he also told me to check out Colored Radio Podcast months ago… I could be wrong, but I think that is who he mentioned when we talked about podcasts and it didn’t register.

Anyways, I checked out a few of their episodes but after seeing almost all of their guests had been musicians, I didn’t reach out to get onto their show. I added their name to my list of pages to keep an eye on and that was kind of it for a few weeks.

Fast forward probably 2-3 weeks.

I get a message from Juice Shrug, Colored Radio host asking to be on my show. I am always happy when people ask to be on the show, it is the true sign that what I am producing has value. He mentioned he saw the content that I did with J. Gaines, liked it, and wanted to get together.


Originally, we tried to get the entire Colored Radio crew together for the episode. But only Juice was able to make it when it came to record.

As with most podcast recordings at my house, there was a quick ice breaker, this one easier than most. When researching Juice, I found out through one of the podcast episodes that he went to the same high school as my wife at about the same time.

I found this connection just in time to get one of my wife’s yearbooks. It was awesome seeing his reaction to the book. Check out the video version to see his reaction!

Juice was easy to talk to and had a similar love for podcasting as I did.

We talked for almost two hours on camera. Long enough that his girlfriend started to call looking for him! To be fair, he said he would only be an hour. Little did we know we had TONS to talk about.

It is always great to talk with people who do a similar thing as you. To find a similar, but different perspective is very valuable to me.

It was a pleasure to meet Juice and I look forward to meeting the rest of the Colored Radio crew.

Let me know what you think of the footage and consider checking out Colored Radio Podcast.

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