My interview with Meagan Carner, CEO of CRAM was a blast! It originated from a conversation with her mother a few weeks prior. Her mom is one of my favorite clients. She is always appreciative of my work, takes interest in everything that I say, and is always positive and supportive.

During our conversation I was talking about how I do marketing and podcasting in the evenings and she mentioned that her daughter was working on an educational workbook series. It had been a while since I had an author or educator on the show, so I told her that I’d be interested in having her on the show the next time she was in town.

A few weeks later, Meagan was in town visiting and we had the chance to sit down and talk for about an hour and get to know more about what each other are building.

Meagan is the creator of CRAM Christian Resources. CRAM is a workbook series that joins academic content and Christian values into individual workbooks, currently for children at the Kindergarten age.

She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio but her love for education and entrepreneurship sparked in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then she has acquired TWO MASTERS DEGREES!!

For more than 10 years, Meagan has been dedicated to improving children’s education, and doing so by creating a curriculum structure that fully incorporates Biblical principles into traditional education, thereby motivating holistic success in children.

Her curriculum aims to equip all children to realize their highest God-given potential to impact our world. The program has three main goals:

Amplifying every child’s inherent gift embedded within each of us by God

Shaping a child’s behavioral formation

Ensuring full competency of foundational concepts in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Science


Even though I am anti religious, I really enjoyed talking with Meagan. All of the qualities that I mentioned in the beginning of the article about her mom, Meagan also has. Her passion for what she is working to accomplish shows as soon as she starts talking.

There is no doubt in my mind that she loves kids and just wants to help as many of them as possible grow up to be kind, caring, and intelligent human beings.

My other main take away from my interview that makes me pretty sure that Meagan will reach all of her goals and then some with CRAM is her eagerness to not only teach, but to learn.

I spent a little more time than normal in this interview going over social media tactics and offering suggestions for content creation and more because of how open and receptive Meagan was to what I was saying.

She mentioned that she often looks for the latest webinars and advice on marketing online but had never heard some of the advice I was offering and wanted to make sure to remember it and put it to use.

So with her passion for her mission, her natural intelligence, and her eagerness to learn more and keep making a better product, I am sure I will be talking with Meagan Carner again in the future after the CRAM brand has grown.

Or maybe she will need Colin Can Help to put some of that marketing advice to work for her 😉


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