This edition of One Minute Stories features Skuff Micksun giving a bit of a PSA / Life Lesson.

This is a clip from my full interview with Skuff Micksun.

If you’ve never heard his music before, be sure to check out the videos at the bottom of this page. He writes amazing music that is great for all ages and audiences. His interview was one of my favorites and also the source of this episode of One Minute Stories.

At the end of every podcast interview, I do what I call the digital soap box. It is 1 minute for the person to end the interview on anyway that they want. Skuff nailed his! The transcript is below, but in the audio version there is a clip of his new song, “Rest”.

“I’m Skuff Micksun. Try to be a decent human being. Everyone is going through shit, be there for your friends. Make music, get tattoos. Fuck shit up, politely. Like, don’t fuck anyone elses shit up.Have fun, live your life, do what you want. Quit your job if it sucks, find a new one. Shit man, all the things I wish I knew 10 years ago.

But yeah, create every day!

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