I had the chance to sit town with Cleveland Rapper, Curly Chuck recently. He had been on my list of people I wanted to interview since shortly after I did my interview with Skuff Micksun.


The meeting was long in the making, we both agreed on getting an interview set but it took a while to get schedules to match up. Curly Chuck is a busy guy. He is a father, musician, along with still working a full time job.

We met at his home away from home, Nvasion studios in Maple Heights, Ohio. I had been there once before when I filmed my interview with Nvasion CEO, Adi Rei. When I got to the studio, it was a packed house. People watching the Cavs game on TV, people mixing music ( there is an amazing Cabin in the Woods song in the works…), and some guys just hanging out.

I spotted Curly Chuck in the corner with rapper, Josh White and after saying hello to a few familiar faces, I linked up with Chuck.

We set up the cameras in Nvasion’s Photo room and got right to the talk.

Chuck is only 24 but is pretty mature for his age. He was a pleasure to talk with, very easy to get along with. His passion for his music comes through when he talks. Whenever we would talk about his music, his whole body would perk up.

I think he is very talented and that he is also just getting going in his musical talents. He has the ability to rap fast, melodic, use clever bars, and even sing more alternative music. He said that his music is always different because he always feels different ways.

With words like that, it is no wonder he uses lyrics to express himself. He has no problem talking about relationship problems, being a dad, doing drugs, carrying guns on a song. He isn’t worried of repercussions, he is just trying to live the way he wants to the best way that he knows how.

I look forward to seeing all that this young talented guy will create in the future.

I highly encourage you to listen to the full interview and check out the clips from our meeting below.

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