Are you one of those people who thinks that everything on the internet is a scam? Is everyone out to get you?

To be fair, there are a lot of scams out there and the internet makes it easy for people to take your money without having to see you face to face. But, not everything is a scam, and not everyone is out to get you. The trick is knowing how to spot things that do not line up with both online and in person transactions.

If you do not have these skills or the time to learn them, you can talk with Tammy of Fireball Approves.

Fireball Approves is an identification service for scam prevention, specializing in rental properties. For a small fee, they will confirm the identity of advertisers, make sure proof of property ownership, positive identification, and that its a real email and phone number.

In talking with Tammy, I could tell she was extremely passionate about being able to help people not get scammed. It was also good to have my eyes opened to some of the ill ways of the world. You often hear about scams and always think that it couldn’t happen to you. After talking with Fireball Approves, I now know more of what to look for!

I was very happy to see that my friend, and show alumni, Jeremiah Craig was able to take advantage of the service. He was moving from Seattle to Boston and called up Tammy to look into a place for him:


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