Episode 23: Glacia Cronk

Episode 23: Glacia Cronk

This was the first episode of the rebranding of the show from Colin Can Help to Colin’s Conversations. The star of Episode 23 is Glacia Cronk, a former equestrian and is currently an author. I first heard of Glacia through Ashley Greathouse who told me that I would be into Glacia’s story. As usual, Ashley was right!

Glacia Cronk is originally from Upstate New York before moving to Georgia to take a job as a horse trainer. She has been riding horses since she was six years old. Glacia started “mucking the stalls” and throughout her 15 year career she worked her way up to a well known trainer.

In 2018, she was training a horse who she rode for many years prior. When she introduced a new technique to the horse it lead to her getting thrown off the horse and severely injured. After the accident she had headaches, memory loss, and other frustrating symptoms. The memory loss became so bad that after returning from vacation, she didn’t remember going. Not being able to remember the fun times from her life sent her into depression.

When she was getting tests done after her accident, they tested her IQ. Glacia tested through the roof! This explains how you would never know from speaking with her that she dropped out of school in the seventh grade to work and help her family.
From this depressed state she started writing fictional stories and flushing out her idea for her book series. That series is called the Clock Maker Series, part of the Lark Hendrix Novels:

The Softwood Hour

Freelance crime-analyst Lark Hendrix is an investigator with a special set of skills. Able to enter the minds of victims and criminals, she helps police detectives locate persons of interest before the worst can happen.

In The Softwood Hour, the first book of The Clockmaker Series, Lark joins FBI Agent Miles Fletcher and veteran investigator Thomas Carpenter to solve a case which presents no evidence, no motive, and no end in sight. Lark, the woman who feels everything and nothing, finds an unlikely connection with smart and skeptical Miles Fletcher, and solving the case becomes even more difficult as their evolving relationship begins to lend conflict and complication to their respective roles. But they are forced to move beyond the torments of their bond as they battle the monsters in the ether.

The Cold Clock

Riveting, perilous, and shocking. In The Softwood Hour, Lark joined forces with veteran investigator Thomas Carpenter and criminal profiler Agent Miles Fletcher to solve a chilling and unexplainable series of abductions which have left the bodies of teenaged girls littering Washington DC.

Disregarding her brother David’s overprotective cautionary warnings and increasingly aggressive behavior, Lark pursued Miles to what culminated in an experience Lark thought to be impossible. But nothing seems impossible with Miles Fletcher.

Once the team discovers how to access the minds of the lost girls, Lark strikes out in search of the clues vital to the location of the man responsible for the heinous crimes. Lark isn’t easily deterred, but when she makes a terrifying realization, even her commitment to the case flags. Now, everything is more dangerous than ever.

On the heels of the terrifying attack on Julia, Lark struggles to gather her nerve to return to the girl’s mind, unsure of what she might find there. Unsure of the horrors. Unsure of the threats.Come with Lark to explore The Cold Clock, an unknown realm beyond Julia’s lush emerald world.

They must hurry to solve the mystery before another girl goes missing. Before another girl turns up dead. But unbeknownst to them, the terror has only just begun. The Clock is ticking…


The Aspen Sundial

Lost to a psychotic mind, lost to an intangible ether, lost to the moment of a monster’s death, the Cold Clock is gone. And it has taken the minds of Miles and Lark with it. Now, reeling within the events of the day, Thomas and Grant struggle to understand how they have been led to the reality they’re now bound by…and Lark begins to wake.

Fractured, lost, and alone, Lark must find herself within herself if she hopes to rescue Miles. The Clock has ceased, but Lark is locked in a race against time to find Miles before the chill of the far-flung places claims him forever. But Lark’s obligations extend far beyond the reclamation of her lover. Julia. Becca. Emma.

Lark’s fragile composure and failing strength will be repeatedly tested and tried in the quest to redeem the girls and reveal the secrets bound within the investigation that has tortured her for weeks.

Beyond the immediate need to close the case and find the girls, Lark must grapple with the loss of her family and the challenges that will greet her upon her return to her new, tragically altered reality.

Closing Thoughts:

It was a pleasure talking with Glacia. Glacia is very well spoken and has an intriguing accent. You can tell she is intelligent and informed with every word she speaks. It was too bad that we couldn’t get the video to work during the interview. It would have been great to get her reactions recorded and shared all over social media. Even though we couldn’t win with the video, the audio recording came out well. Glacia Cronk’s story is not the typical career change. I love that she became the living example of the old adage ” If you fall off the horse, get back up”. She got up and tried something entirely different, which is a scary thing to do!
I hope to have her on the show again sometime and learn more about her and her stories!


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