Episode 45: J-Work

Episode 45: J-Work



J-Work first appeared on my radar while walking through the park with my dogs one day as I was researching for my Mic Miles interview. It was their song “Set It Off” that made me into a fan. The beat was amazing, I was instantly hooked into the song. I was listening for the Mic Miles verse but the verse who I later learned was J-Work was AMAZING!

I then began following J-Work on InstagramI listened to more of his music and the originality of it, the quality of production, and talent of the MC made me knew I had to get him on the show.

His passion for rapping was found early on in life at a family reunion where his musical family members included him on a project to make a song for the reunion. From there, he began to regularly listen and write to instrumentals, rap with friends, and learned all that he could about recording and writing raps.

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J-Work is also a Cleveland sports FANATIC! He is never seen without some sort of Cleveland clothing on and even has many of the hometown teams tattooed on his arms! Cleveland sports is not all that he represents, he is also pretty proud of his friends. During our interview, he mentioned an entire line up of people who he lives with, works with, and is friends with that do creative work.

I think that is something that helps him continue to grow as an artist. Surrounding himself with people who are trying to achieve their greatest creative achievements, forces J-Work to keep his game on par.

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He was a pleasure to talk to, a very easy to get along with person. For as talented as he is, he is very level headed and down to earth. I was glad to get to meet him and learn more about some of the songs that have quickly become my favorites.

Let me know what you think of his music, the interview, and who you think I should talk to next in the comments!

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