Beautiful by Jamil & the Show

Song: Beautiful
Artist: Jamil & the Show
Project: Beautiful

I love the song Beautiful by Jamil & the Show. It is a great opening song to a project, has an upbeat, joyous vibe. 
It also makes me think of 90s hip-hop sounds. Jamil does a terrific job of pulling from different genres and sounds.
As I listened to this song I couldn’t help envisioning a video for it. A video following him consistently walking throughout his day, greeting many people as he raps the song. We will see if my vision ever comes to life, but either way, the visual lyrics scream to be made into a video.
In all of his music, Jamil & the Show seems to make a conscious effort to make positive, uplifting music. There are no songs in his discography that you couldn’t play in front of just about any audience. It also has the feel that it will age well. By not chasing any fads or trends, I think Jamil really sets himself apart from others making music these days.

Memorable Lines:

  • My name’s Jamil and I’m here to bring the dissonance…
    And the discourse
    Part of my misfortune was just a distortion of my existence
    I was in a mental prison, but I’m back for y’all
  • Got the pencil, got the easel
    I’m painting a pretty picture
    Picture us we’re full of love
    And love life like no other equal
  • Had my music on Bandcamp since band camp

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