Testify by Jamil & the Show featuring Jada Simone

Testify is not my favorite song by Jamil, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a good song. I think that he could probably make a decent bit of money going around and touring churches with this song in combination with his song, Sunday Service.

It is not my favorite song because I do not relate to the content, but I love the piano. I love the production, the singing and background are at perfect levels.

Another thing that I like about Testify is the addition of Jada Simone, a long time friend of Jamil’s. Her voice is angelic, pure, and powerful. The two together sound terrific.

In my interview with Jamil, he mentioned that it is in his future plans to do more songs with Jada, saying ” her voice is so amazing, she deserves to have her own music”

If you are ever in the need for something spiritual in your headphones, I think that Testify might do the job for you. Even if you are sure you won’t like a spiritual song, it is worth taking the two minutes to give it a fair shot. Once Jada starts singing, you will be hooked. Calling it now!

Memorable Lines in Testify:

  • No real memorable lyrics from this song.
  • Most memorable thing is the introduction to the voice of Jada Simone.
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