Who is Jamil & the Show?

Most simply put, Jamil a & the Show is a musician. Furthermore, a Cleveland based musician specializing in singing, rapping, and digital music production. Originally from Willoughby, OH the North East Ohio native transitioned from making “cringeworthy” poetry to cope with his adolescent feelings to self-producing phenomenal original songs.

When I asked about his musical beginnings, Jamil gave credit to other local MC’s he went to school with, among them was a familiar name, J-Work.

What should you know about Jamil & the Show?

I think one of the biggest takeaways that I had from my sit down with Jamil was that he creates his music simply for creation and expression. He mentioned when I asked about features that he wanted to do musically and he quickly rattled off a few names and mentioned he would do it for free, that he just wanted to create.

The other big take away is that even though he is doing it for “expression” or “fun”, he is conscious about his brand identity. Shortly after the interview, he reached out to get some business cards printed. Both in the way he presented himself in email correspondences, his interview, and how he approaches his craft, Jamil has a professionalism that is greatly lacking in the music industry.


Where did I find him?

I can’t take credit for finding Jamil & the show. He reached out to me after seeing one of my ads looking for guests. Jamil was one of the first people who I implemented a new “scouting policy” for the show. Instead of just recording an interview with anyone I found interesting or that reached out to be on the show, I put in a “checklist” for the show. 

Whoever wanted to be on the show had to fill out a form on the website that would send me all of their information. Once received, I would send them an email saying that I got the application and to submit a video like what you see above. Once a post got 25 original comments, we would schedule a show.

As anyone who has a social media platform knows, it can be hard to get 25 people to comment or do the action you requested. Jamil’s fans came out STRONG and got it done in only a few hours.

I then listened to all of his music again closer, set up an interview for a week or so in advance and then the rest was history!

When we recorded…

Jamil was full of smiles and gratitude the entire time he was here. He didn’t stop smiling the entire time he was here. You could tell he was genuinely happy to have a new platform to get his message out to. He even apologized for being 5 minutes late after it took longer than expected to pick up some Apple Juice for the interview. That is right, if you were wondering what was in the cups on the table, Jamil was drinking Apple Juice and I had my favorite, Raspberry Pure Leaf Iced Tea.

He was very quickly comfortable on camera. Very receptive to feedback and was genuinely enthused that I took an interest in his content.

As always on a show, I gave him as much social media and branding advice as I could pack into our time together. This content DID NOT make the podcast interview, but might surface on the Colin Can Help platform. I got a little too involved in the computer screen to make it good for the audio version and lack of screen recording kind of killed video for it too. 

Wrap up:

I look forward to seeing what musically comes from Jamil & the show. I think he has a very unique sound and believes that it comes from his desire to just create for himself, not for the audience.

I had the opportunity to print up some business cards after the interview, so be on the lookout for him passing those around! It is impressive that he is taking his brand seriously and not only trying to grow as a musician, but also as a person, and a professional.

Colin’s Conversations highly recommends you check out the music and other links below!

How to find more about Jamil & the Show:

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