This song begins with what sounds to almost be a voicemail that says, “Well you know we are more than just friends, we are like a small gang. We ride until the wheels fall off”

Just after that message, these oriental chords start playing and this funky bass line comes in to join them, along with Jamil singing. I absolutely love the beat. It is simple, doesn’t ask for too much attention, and it sounds like Jamil had a lot of fun writing to it.

His voice has a bit more confidence to it than it does in other songs of his. This is also evident in a few of the lyrics. Talking about his stats being up and if you think he is lacking, well then you must not know what’s happening.

He also in a few places bends words really nicely to rhyme and fit the rhyme scheme.

Memorable Crying Shame Lines:

  • It’s a crying shame how they can do ya mane
    Turn ya back and then it’s open season
  • I think my stats is up
    You cross my back and thinking I’m lacking
    Then you must not know what’s happening bruh
  • If I’m screwed once again, I’m a fool once again
    But I know what I’m in
    Just know if you choose once again, you gon’ lose once again
    Cause it ain’t every man (In this game!)
    Understand me?


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