Jeremiah Craig is one of the driving forces that got me to start podcasting. This was one of the few episodes that I did by phone recording and other than a little lag and a few connection issues and the audio needs to be remastered.

A Upstate New York native, Jeremiah Craig has lived all over the country. Everywhere he goes, he works his way into the local music and creative scene.

Jeremiah Craig started playing the banjo at 16 and has been playing an instrument or singing ever since. Inspired by his father’s love of bluegrass, Jeremiah started playing bluegrass early in life. Jeremiah’s father is also a podcast alumni, Doug Mothersell.

When I talked to Doug during his interview, he mentioned how Jeremiah, or JC around the Twisted Willow Compound was always creative and instantly was into music. Also after meeting his parents, it was not hard to imagine how he was such a happy and genuinely good guy.

I also learned in that meeting that his father was also his introduction to Cowboy Boots. Since then, Jeremiah has become an influencer in the cowboy boot community. His videos about boots get thousands of views!!

Just like his music, Jeremiah Craig Boot Reviews are full of intelligence, expression, and just loving what he is doing! I will probably never own or wear cowboy boots but I find myself watching all the way to the end of his videos being fully entertained.

Unlike a lot of musicians, Jeremiah Craig has found a way to make his music into multiple mediums. Every one of his boot videos gets a different custom song at the end. He found a way to make a video series working with small businesses, made an Expressway Balladeer series for his travels, and more.

Jeremiah Craig is a true creative, a real story teller.

I encourage you to listen to the interview but also check out the links for his music and videos. Jeremiah was great to have on the show and one of the people I am proud to call a friend!


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