J.L. Raynor first appeared on my radar when he responded to an Instagram ad that I placed looking for guests for the show. When I first looked at his podcast application, the title of his book stood out, but it didn’t appear like he had much of a following online. He may not have tons of followers, but the ones he has came out in full support when I posted his video on my Instagram page!

In a matter of hours, his fans contributed more than 30 reasons why J.L. Raynor should be on the show!

If someone asked me who J.L. Raynor was I would instinctively say an author. If asked about his personality I would say that he is a very friendly, professional, and caring gentleman. Finally, if I was asked what his book was about, I would tell you it was about how he was racist.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, J.L. Raynor loved going to visit the World Trade Center Buildings. He told me how his mother worked in the building for a while and that he loved the toy store that was also in the buildings.

When September 11th happened and all of the news began to distribute anti-Middle Eastern propaganda, like many Americans, J.L. began to have a distrust for anyone of Middle Eastern heritage.

The interview features him giving more background into his childhood and how moving to a rural town in Ohio for college began his awakening.

Don’t worry, the talk wasn’t all about uncomfortable topics like racism!

J.L. gave me some real estate tips, I gave him some marketing tips, and it was a great conversation!

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