Kat Killinger reached out to me on Instagram not long ago with interest on being the star of an episode. This was right around the time I was trying to decide on what camera to buy to help me create better content for myself and clients. I was super excited to have someone who actually knew what to do with a “real camera” come and talk about all that they do and give me a few tips on how to best use my new tool.

After a few messages back and forth, we agreed she would be a great fit for the show and she drove about an hour to come and have a chat! She arrived and was greeted by my dogs and she was super comfortable talking with cameras in her face ( model skills).

Kat has been modeling and photographing for about a decade and focuses mostly on boudoir shoots. She loves helping people bring out the sexy side of themselves they are uncomfortable showing or don’t even realize they have. She uses her experience as a model to help get her clients to feel at ease and it really shows in her work.

I highly recommend you check out the link above to stream her full interview and learn more about her or go check her out on social media.

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When you are ready to book her for one of your shoots either as a model or as your photographer, be sure to let her know that you found out about her through Colin Can Help.

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