I was first introduced to Kent Archie while at the Grog Shop to see Token perform. For weeks, we were so excited to go see Token. I had been following his career since he was rapping in closets and my fiancee became an instant fan when she heard him.

As most concerts go, we waited in line and then waited again until the show began. I knew that Token was traveling with someone from Philly and heard there was going to be another, local opener.

I had never heard of either of the openers nor did I really care about them, I was waiting to see the headliner. But as has happened before, I listened to the openers with an open mind and instantly became a fan of one of them.

The winner of my attention that evening was Kent Archie. He had everything that you need to win the crowd over.

  • Electrifying Energy
  • Took time to get the crowd into it
  • Made his lyrics known before putting them to beat
  • Included family in the performance

He finished his set, the other opener finished, and then Token exceeded expectations with his performance. As we were getting ready to leave, I saw Kent Archie walking towards the merch area and I stopped and congratulated him on a good show and introduced myself.

Typically, that is where the story ends and you just had a good night and saw a good show. I instead went on iTunes and went through Kent Archie’s discography and liked everything that I was hearing. Being that I am always looking for good guests for my new podcast endeavor, I decided to reach out to him on Instagram to see if he would be interested in doing a video interview.

I was hoping he would respond and maybe give me a short bit of his time via a Facetime or audio call to record some podcast content.

I did not get what I wished for….

I got a much better response! He said that he would be interested in doing the podcast and after a few weeks we were able to find a time that was good for both of us to talk. Instead of my typical phone or computer interviews, we decided to meet up and do an interview over coffee.

Kent Archie is a “west sider”, I am an “east sider”. For those of you who are not in Cleveland, very few people are willing to cross the middle lines of town ( its a dumb

regional thing). Kent and I are not those type of people, we both offered to come to each others side of town to meet but ended up with a middle ground recommendation of his,Pour Cleveland.


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You always hear about musicians and rappers being late or traveling with a crew of people, this was not the case. My fiancee and I got there a little early ( she loves coffee and dancing to Kent Archie, so she had to come) to make sure we could find parking down town, get to the location, and get set up. Right at 11 o clock on the dot, in walked the legend himself.

Kent Archie is a big dude. His presence was known as soon as he walked in the room, I guess that is what they call the “star quality”. He is also easy to pick out of a crowd by his “LS” Logo which is always on him in some form or fashion.

I walked up to him, introduced myself, got everyone drinks and we all sat down at the long table and began to chat while we set up the cameras.

Instantly it was like I was connecting with an old friend that I had not seen in a while. He and my fiancee chatted a bit while I set up the cameras and tested the vocals. It was a great experience.

The only regret from the outing with Kent Archie was that the recording cut out about 40 minutes into our hour interview. With that said, the footage that I was able to capture has some great stuff in it. That content that was missing, well, I guess that is just for the memories. Maybe I will be able to sit down with Kent Archie again and we can figure out what gems were lost in that missing recording!


I can’t recommend highly enough for everyone to go check him out. I included a few links below to see more of his stuff. After you do, send him a message and let him know that Colin sent you!

A special thanks to Kent Archie for not only sitting down for an interview but also letting me use his instrumentals and logo to make the videos and promos for the interview that much more exciting!

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