Episode 40: J.Gaines host of The Lavish Journey Podcast

I met J.Gaines a while back when he asked me to be on his Lavish Journey podcast. It was my first time being a guest on a podcast and I did it on the conditions I could also record during the taping of the show and that he would be on my show in the following weeks.

J.Gaines is a content creator, Uber driver, and has 3 college degrees! As you could guess, that gives a tons of possible topics to talk about. His main love is being a content creator. The Lavish Journey has over 100 episodes and he has over 200 Daily Vlogs.

It was great to talk with someone else who believes in the power of podcasting and creating your own brand as much as I do. J.Gaines passion for podcasting is contagious.

I was very happy to find out a few days after our taping of this episode, J.Gaines listened to my advice and created a website for his podcast!


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