Who is Mic Miles?

Simply put, a guy I am glad to have met and think more people should know about his work. Mic Miles is best known as a Cleveland rapper and quickly rose towards the top of my Top Cleveland Rappers of 2019 list.


I reached out to him via Instagram and he agreed to be interviewed for the podcast. I met Mic once before, at a birthday party for Skuff Micksun. We didn’t talk much there, so it was like the first meeting when we got together for the interview.

He came over to my house and I learned quickly that he was not a dog person. After I got the dogs occupied in another room, Mic and I sat down in the living room and chatted a bit while I set up the cameras and lights.

A Cleveland native, Mic Miles uses music / rap as a therapeutic release. He has an amazing way with words and his personality flips when music begins. He is one of the most laid back, chill people I know. But when the beat hits, Mic can erupt!

I would say he is a lyricist more than a rapper. The way he can just paint a picture with his bars is so impressive. His latest project 27 was just an EP but was very well received.

During the interview I did a segment that I try to do with most musicians called “Lyric Test”. Mic excelled in delivering his lyrics when the beat stopped. Even when I just asked for the following line, he would go off and finish the verse with so much pride and joy.

He works really hard on his craft and it shows. He is certainly an artist that I hope will be back on the show and will undoubtedly do big things in the music industry as long as he keeps on making music!

Want to find him online?

Mic Miles Youtube Mic Miles Facebook Mic Miles Instagram Mic Miles Spotify



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