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Chef T


In this clip, Chef T tells us all about recording artist, Spitta Beats.


[00:00:00] Chef T: And I just remember him approaching me and Steve, like, yo, we gotta make good track together. And he was spinning the bars in the, in the cafeteria.
Colin: Let's go with, who is Spitta Beats?
Chef T: Spitta Beats... One of my, you know, he's been my friend forever. We started, uh, back when I used to make music. Cause I used to be a rapper. That's actually where chef T came from. But, um, Yeah, he's one of my great friends that goes back to high school. Um, I remember when he approached me in the lunchroom because me and my buddy Steve, which is Steve-O beats... Um, we used to be the kids in high school that rapped right. And people knew that. And I just remember him approaching me and Steve, like, yo, we gotta make a track together. And he was spitting the bars in the, in the cafeteria. [00:01:00] And, um, and after that we became good friends. We started working on music. And he, yeah, we started this group called Liv, which included me, him and my other buddies, Manny, Nick lots, Kevin lots. Um, and. Yeah, that was our, that was the start of our relationship. And it's been to now I've worked on all of his videos. I've, uh, been just a creative hand in, in each of their, their, um, their careers. Colin: So Liv needs a video it's coming out, coming out of the chef T vault? Chef T: Oh, if anybody else makes it, they're done. No, I'm just kidding. No, yeah. I mean, I'm the, I'm the videographer. Uh, but I don't mind, you know, if they go with somebody else, get a video, we just, we just have this. This aura around us when we're creating a video and it's just like no other. And I just love working with them. I love, you know, spit a beats is amazing. He's always about what he says. Uh, and same with Nick have Manny. They're just great to work with and be creative with. Cause [00:02:00] they give me, I'm the type of person that I like to have. I have an idea, you know, and I have an idea. I want to execute the idea and they're there. They get their say in it. But they all know that overall they can trust me with what I'm doing. You know, I've known you a long time and only, yeah, that's what I'm saying. They can just, they, it literally not even know what they're going to go walk into and I shoot the video and it's can they know it's going to be amazing. Really.

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