I always love finding new artists, new musicians, new creative people to talk to. I have to thank Skuff Micksun for introducing me to Nuke Franklin’s music.The other day I had the pleasure of sitting down for a conversation with Cleveland Hip Hop Artist, Nuke Franklin.

We met at his house in East Cleveland and I had the opportunity to sit down in his home studio where he records most of his material.

Nuke Franklin is a Cleveland, Ohio native and even though he is only 23, has been working at his craft for a decade already. He told me about when he was younger he would take other rappers lines and put them together as if they were his own and transitioned from there into writing his own rhymes.

I am glad that Nuke Franklin decided to use his own experiences and feelings instead of others because the kid has a lot of good messages to get out. As you go through his discography he talks about many of life’s toughest questions: how to live, love, struggles growing up, and even what happens if someone dies on the toilet at McDonalds.

What the hell did you just read? Yeah, he has some funny and interesting skits throughout some of his projects. You’ll have to give it a listen to understand.

As I listened to more and more of his stuff to prepare for the interview, one thing was clear. He takes his craft serious and he gets better with each project. He is so serious about his craft that he and his roommate / recording partner Kipp Stone have Rapper Fitness Exercises that they do daily( check out podcast to learn the exercises).

I look forward to talking with Nuke Franklin again on the podcast as his career evolves.

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