In this edition of One Minute Stories, we learn the origin story of the Cleveland Hip Hop group, DirtyBackPack. Dirtybackpack has been in the making for almost nine years.

The group originally started with Skuff Micksun and Rocket but over time and a bit of a creative break, Skuff’s brother in law, John joined the group.

The group has had the same line up for the last three years and like a fine wine, keeps getting better with time.

One day Skuff showed John an old tape of DirtyBackPack and it instantly inspired John to want to rap and create music with Skuff.

Ever since then, they have been making phenomenal music together! They have two EP’s released, Dawning and Infatuate and promise more music on the way.

DirtyBackPack has quickly become one of my all time favorite groups. What are your thoughts on the group?


Full episode transcript:

John: It’s been a group for about three years, but it was a group before I was even a part of it. He was rapping in Chicago with Rocket.

Skuff: All together, probably nine years. But I took a good, four year break from it. So, yeah, nine years. Rocket, that was my boy, my first friend in Chicago. Dear to my heart.

John: Yeah, Rocket is awesome. He’s like the original sensei of DirtyBackPack. I was playing bass for Skuff, and he showed me one of the cds he and Rocket made, an old DirtyBackPack mixtape basically.

Skuff: There were a couple good ones!

John: And I was like, so blown away by it and just had to be apart of it.

Skuff: He was like, ” I didn’t know you rap” and I said, ” You know, I can’t help it sometimes” and then he was like, “well, let’s rap”

the rest is dirtybackpack history!


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