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I interview creative people who follow their passions and try to make a living doing them. It is the goal of the show to educate, entertain, and connect creative people through original content. Find more on this site about my guests than you will about them anywhere else online.

Latest Episodes:

Episode 62: Ashley Greathouse “About the Books”

This is a short clip from my full interview with Ashley Greathouse where she gives us a brief description of her self-published stories. I ask Ashley if she could sell her books to me in the form of an “Elevator Pitch” and her response...

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Episode 61: BdotJeff

I had the pleasure of meeting with Columbus recording artist, BdotJeff and learned a ton. I initially was impressed by his professional punctuality. He came from Columbus to Euclid and arrived within 5 minutes of our scheduled meeting time and was ready to go...

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Episode 60: Duby Rodgers

I had a great talk a while back with Cleveland musician, Duby Rodgers. We talk about his origins, his processes, marketing as a musician, and so much more. We do a Discography Discussion and learn all about his project Duby Music and do a...

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This show wouldn’t be anything if it were not for all of the great guests I have had the chance to chat with. Learn more about them below.

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