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Step 1

The show begins with finding guests that have a unique story to tell about turning their passions into profits. Guests typically are a form of entrepreneurs, entertainers, or educators. All guests must fill out the Guest Request form to be considered for an interview.

Step 2 - Intro Video

Once you have submitted a Guest Request form, the next step is to send me a short video (1 minute or less) that introduces yourself, tells a bit about your story and what you do, and instructs people to comment questions and send videos to my DM with questions they want to know more about. I will post this on my social media pages and tag you so you can share it to your audience. Once we get 10 comment questions and 5 video questions submitted, we will schedule an interview.
You can send your submissions to colin@colincanhelp.com or dm to @colinsconversations on instagram

Once the Interview is Scheduled

i reseach

I go through all the links you send in your application and try to find out all that I can about you. I look for things that can create great content and connect people. I always try to find something that will surprise you that I know about.

Prepare Questions

I don’t usually have a set list of questions because that doesn’t make for a good conversation. I do however have an outline of your accomplishments, struggles, and personal connections to ask you about and guide you through said topics.

marketing advice

Part of the show is giving and getting marketing advice for different industries. When I am researching about you I will note what was easy to find and hard or not able to be found online and give you a few tips, tools, and contacts of people who can help you level up your marketing.

Marketing Advice

Step 3 - The Interview

Interviews when possible are recorded in the home studio that I built in my basement. For some interviews I may come to your place of business or other location if it fits your story better. Interviews are typically 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long. The recording process may or may not be also broadcasted live, but is intended to be edited before full release as a podcast or video episode.

Step 4 - editing

After we record the interview I will spend a few hours editing the footage into a long form audio and video interview as well as pull the major talking points out for short clips to be put on my website, Youtube, and social media sites.

Step 5 - Custom Merch

In order to help fund the podcast, pay for ads, and not beg people for money, I will make a custom merch line for every guest on the show. There will be unique apparel and other items made with guests images and quotes that will be featured on the website and social media posts.

50% of the profits go to ads for that person’s episode and video content.
50% of the profits go to help get new equipment and other production upgrades for the show.
100% of the unique merch goes to the fans and supporters of the show and guests!

Step 6 - Release and Promote

Once all of the footage is edited, I will schedule it for release. I will send you links to new videos and tag you in posts as well as make a page for all of your content on the website. This will make it easy to direct fans to colinsconversations.com/your-name when new footage is posted.
It is the #1 goal of the show to showcase your story in the best light possible and get your story into the eyes of as many as possible. To help with this mission, I make a custom merch line for every guest featuring either their image or quote and the proceeds of the campaign go to purchasing ads for their content and improving show production.
A good interview can lead to 30 or more original pieces of content meaning I can share the word about your story for weeks, months, and years to come. This is the true beauty of podcasting.

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