Your Application Has Been Received!

It means the world to me that you are interested in being on the show! Currently your application is in my inbox and I will be checking out all of your links very soon! Keep scrolling to continue the application process.

Colin’s Conversations

Step 1: Fill out Guest Application

You successfully filled out your Colin's Conversations Guest Application! If there are any missing fields or any additional questions, I will be in touch soon.

Step 2: Audition Video

In order to make sure there are people who want to see / listen to your interview there is an Audition Video! It is just a simple 1 minute or less clip of you telling my audience who you are and what you do. Get as creative as you want! Once the video hits 25 unique comments of people saying why they want to see you on the show, we schedule an interview!

Step 3: Schedule Interview

Once your video gets 25 comments, we will schedule an interview and get an episode recorded! Once the episode is recorded, I will edit it, make promo clips and graphics, and try to send as many people to your projects as possible!

Step 3: Record Episode

The interview is always meant to feel like a conversaiton more than an interview. I let you introduce yourself and give a basic breakdown and we unpack it from there. The goal is to get as much of your expertise available to the audience while also getting marketing advice from me. Interviews are typically an hour long.

Step 4: Edit Episode

Once the footage is recorded, I edit it together and turn it into as many clips as possible. There will always be a long form audio interview every Monday. There will also almost always be video clips, graphics, and other social media posts throughout the weeks and months following your interviews release.

Step 5: Publish & Promote

apple podcasts

Once all of the footage is edited and ready to be delivered to the public it will be placed on the Colin's Conversations platforms, Colin Can Help platforms, and the podcast version will be distributed to all of the major platforms. It is not mandatory, but highly encouraged to contribute a few dollars for me to set up Facebook and Google ads to promote your episode. I will introduce a few video clips the week of the interview and continue to share them on social and host them on this site as well as Youtube and other platforms. At the end of the year there will be awards given to the best performing episodes in a few categories, so you are encouraged to share all the footage that comes from your interview.