How does a colin's conversations episode get made?

If you or anyone you know would make a great guest on the show, I want to hear from you!

podcast process:

The show is constantly evolving as I learn more about interviewing, production, and promotion. While every episode comes together slightly different the main process is as follows…

Find a Guest

I am always looking for entertainers, entrepreneurs, and educators that have a unique story to tell. 

Guest Applies

Every guest fills out a form with all of their information as well as an introductory video for me to post before they are interviewed.


Fans Submit Video Questions

Once their intro video is posted them getting on the show depends on people submitting video questions to be asked on the show.


Film Interview

Once enough video questions are submitted, we schedule and film an interview. The interview typically runs from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Edit Footage

Once all the footage is recorded, I break it into as many quality clips as I can. A mix of video, picture, and audio content to promote the guest and the show itself.

Release & Promote

Once the footage is edited I release it on my website, podcast platforms, social media, and pretty soon via the Colin’s Conversations App!

the goal of the show

Colin’s Conversations seeks to provide its audience with entertaining educational content in the form of a conversation.

By taking with educators, entertainers, and entrepreneurs I will develop long form and short form content that will both tell their story but also allow others to learn from their experiences. 


interview categories


Have you ever wondered how an author came up with the idea for a character? Ever wished you knew what the musician was thinking when they wrote your favorite song? I uncover all that and more every time I interview an entertainer.


What would the world be without entrepreneurs? The people who risk their time, money, and soul into a business idea for the public to love. In entrepreneur interviews I focus on their individual story but also getting as many tips and tricks for those trying to walk a similar path.


If there is an expert, I want to talk to them. Educators can be teachers, professors, experts on a subject, documentarians, etc. Anyone with interesting facts and knowledge is someone great to have on the show.