Episode 29: Josh Dobay ” Owner of Josh Dobay Productions”


    I had the opportunity to meet and interview Josh Dobay of Josh Dobay Productions. Josh appeared on my radar after my interview with Skuff Micksun. He worked on a video set with Skuff as well as they worked together on a spoken word video.

    Josh specializes in photography, videography, and content production. What I love most about those specializations is that he knew how to do none of them when he maxed out all of his credit cards to make a transition from the rat race back to a life of creativity. For a guy who grew up wanting to be a musician, working management in the hospitality industry as he said was “stealing his soul”, something that it does to most who are in it long enough. He couldn’t take it any more and and decided it was time to invest in himself and enroll in the school of Youtube.

    Armed with a bit of new gear and a shit load of passion, Josh literally lost it all in search for a life that would give him purpose and meaning. His fiancee left him after he left his secure job, he lost his home and couch surfed from Ohio to Indiana, to Pennsylvania, all the way down to Florida until deciding to come back to Cleveland to settle some unfinished business.

    Since then, he has found his calling by never allowing himself to give up. He has developed skills and built a framework around himself to allow him to use his creativity on a daily basis.

    I encourage you all to spend the hour and twenty minutes to listen to or watch the full interview, there are a ton of great pieces of inspiration, motivation, and life lessons to take away.

    Even though Josh and I do similar things for a living, I also encourage you all to check out all of his stuff and book him for whatever creative project that you need him for.

    I hope that my podcast interview with him is the first of many great projects that I can work on with him, you heard it here first that

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