Episode 43: Visq – Actor, Musician, and More


    Visque first hit my radar when he responded to a post I made looking for music to review. He sent me his project, They Can’t Stand Me and after giving it a few listens, checking out his social media, I knew I wanted to get him on the show.

    I like to get people who are not just one dimensional. Meaning, I don’t want an expert on one niche topic and have them not be able to talk about anything else. 

    Deandre Bush, better known as Visq, is not one dimensional. He raps, acts, is a videographer, political activist, and much more. 

    We ended up talking for about two and a half hours on and off the camera because one thing just kept leading to another topic!

    Highlights of the show:

    We talk about getting people free money,

    His story of meeting and working with Nicholas Cage and William Dafoe.

    Learn about Andrew Yang

    Learn about music

    Local acting scene info.

    For all of my footage from the interview:


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