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    Episode 52: Shantelle Canzanese


    I think that this might be one of my best interviews to date. Back in December, I had the chance to talk to Shantelle Canzanese and learn a ton!

    She is a Canadian TV host, entrepreneur, world traveler, makeup and dating expert, among many other titles.

    It was extremely easy to talk to her and my only regret of the interview is that the video was all corrupted!

    I tried a new video recording service and they failed big time!

    Luckily, I was able to piece together the audio and keep the great interview alive.

    I hope to be able to talk with her again, perhaps I will have to travel across the border to make sure we can capture the footage in person!

    For more recap on my interview and to learn more about Shantelle, check out http://colinsconversations.com/shantelle-canzanese

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