Episode 56: Roxanne Deedrick

Episode 56: Roxanne Deedrick

I was very surprised when I posted the clip of Roxanne on my Instagram page to get her on the show when the comments just trickled in. I thought for sure that people would see a pretty lady talking about cool things and be interested right away! Luckily, after a little time and promotion, we got her the 25 comments needed to get on the show! Unluckily, this whole Corona Virus made it impossible for me to take a trip to Minnesota to check out the Envirostar Labs!

Roxanne Deedrick is the President of Envirostar Ingredients in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Envirostar Ingredients. They specialize in spray drying products for all sorts of industries including the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and most excitingly, CBD.

It was great talking with Roxanne and learning so much about how they can isolate a single element from an emulsion and make it dry, water soluble, and ready to store for a REALLY long time. 

I also enjoyed being able to talk directly to someone who is very knowledgable about a product that has a lot of misconceptions and misinformation. Roxanne and Envirostar are leading the way for the CBD Powder Industry, which is one of the fastest growing product segments globally. 


If you are unfamiliar with what CBD is/does, or just think its the new way stoners are getting their pot, you should really listen to her break down what CBD does and how many benefits it has.


I don’t want to give away too much from the interview, but would tell anyone looking to start a CBD or THC based business that they NEED to have a meeting with Envirostar before doing anything. 

They are professionals who are dedicated to quality and finding solutions for people. Not only do they pride themselves on finding solutions for their clients, they also genuinely care about making a safe and high quality product that will help its end users as well.

I hope that when all of the Corona craziness is over that I can take a trip up north and check out their facilities first hand!